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February 07, 2019 2 min read

Today we’re catching up with Lottie, our Brand Marketing Manager at the Evolve Beauty Studio. You can usually find Lottie working on a spreadsheet or creating the next new product campaign.


Name: Lottie Pearce  Evolve Beauty Artisan


Role: Brand Marketing Manager


Tell us a little about a typical day for you in the Evolve Studio:

Every day is incredibly busy and packed full to the brim! One minute I’m working on the launch campaign for a new product, the next minute I’ll be working on promotional materials for our new stockists. You can also often find me knee-deep in a spreadsheet!


What is your favourite part of your role?

I love the variety of tasks involved in my role and the organisational side of it. There is always so much to do, but I find juggling everything really fun. There’s never a dull moment!


Tell us something that we don’t already know:

My first ever job was on the set of Harry Potter. I was a body double and a stand in, which was the most incredible experience.


What’s your skin type:

Oily! My skin is quite reactive and I’m allergic to a few widely used skincare ingredients. As my skin is very oily I’m unfortunately prone to breakouts. I've always found my skin tricky to maintain, which is why I began working in the skincare industry.


What’s your favourite Evolve product:

I am a huge fan of the Rainforest Rescue Blemish Serum! I use it daily and have noticed such a difference in my skin since I started using it, my skin is so much clearer. Our Tropical Blossom Body Polish is also a favourite of mine.


Tell us your favourite beauty tip:

Don’t forget to feed your skin from within! What you put on your skin is important, but it’s equally important to eat nourishing foods to keep your skin healthy and looking its best!


We’ve really enjoyed catching up with Lottie today, be sure to head over to our Team Page to meet the rest of the makers.