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Our Packaging + Recycling

As a producer of natural and organic skin, hair and bodycare products it is our company ethos to make it as easy as possible to be healthy and green in your everyday life. Our packaging reflects this. 

Our Packaging

At Evolve, we use recycled, or recyclable packaging for all of our products. 

Evolve Organic Beauty Packaging

Our glass bottles are made from fully recyclable glass and we use grass paper for all of our cartons. 

The plastic we use is 75% to 100% recycled PET plastic, which unlike PVC, if sent to landfill does not leech any chemicals into the soil. 

Our Grass Paper Cartons

Our latest green initiative has been to introduce our grass paper cartons.

Evolve Beauty Grass Paper Cartons Our grass paper cartons are uniquely natural. They are made with up to 40% natural grass fibres, and they are completely compostable in your home compost bin. 

No two cartons are the same as each carries a unique speckled pattern created by the natural variations in the production process.

Our grass paper is amazing for a few reasons:

  • It requires 97% less energy during the creation process than wooden pulp
  • It's 100% recyclable
  • It produces 75% less CO2 emissions compared to wood pulp
  • It saves 99.9% water usage compare to wood pulp

All you need to do once you are done with the carton is remove the label and put it in your home compost bin!


Please check your local recycling for specific information. Our plastic containers and lids are fully recyclable, as are our grass paper cartons and glass jars. Please note that you cannot recycle the pumps that come with our products.