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January 31, 2019 4 min read

You might have heard of the latest thing sweeping through skincare - and across our faces: double cleansing. This thorough cleansing method was popularised in Korea, though its actual origins are a bit misty. It’s possible it was first developed in Japan, as a way to remove the traditional heavy white face paint then cleanse the skin beneath.

This should give you a bit of an idea of when it’s best to use the double cleansing method. The idea is to remove any extrinsic factors before actually cleansing your skin, allowing the second cleanse to more deeply penetrate pores and thoroughly clean. While our makeup has (generally) moved on from greasepaint, it is often formulated to stay put on our skin through thick and thin: it can be gym-, tear-, and water-proof. That means that often, it’s not properly washed away by one quick swipe of cleanser, especially water-based ones, which are what those with oily skin tend to reach for.

Sadly, it’s not only heavy makeup that sticks around: stubborn SPF and air pollution can both also clog pores, and lead to your skin not making the most of its cleanser, or the products that follow it. Serums, treatments, and moisturisers can all just end up sitting on top of your skin without penetrating properly unless the skin is cleansed deeply enough beforehand. 

Double Cleanse

Counterintuitively, the first cleanse is traditionally oil-based. While this is an obvious choice in terms of removing makeup, especially the waterproof kind, it can seem a bit odd to reach for an oil when you’re struggling with oily skin. This is down to experience with certain types of oil, however, and there are a variety that break down stubborn oils and products without stripping the skin, allowing the cell membrane to remain intact, and moisturising as it goes.

When we think of oil, especially those of us with oily skin, we tend to think of clogged pores and an increased risk (if not certainty!) of breakouts. However, there are oils that are great for your skin - yes, even greasy skin - because of how they work, breaking down surface pollutants whilst moisturising and repairing skin. Try to pick one that’s non-comedogenic, as it’s far less likely to clog pores.

Natural Cleansing Balm

Great choices to look out for are sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil, which mimics skin’s natural sebum. A slightly more exotic choice, ourGentle Cleansing Melt contains baobab oil, which has impressively high levels of vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants, which protect the skin from damage from free-radicals. These features mean skin’s elasticity is improved, cell turnover is encouraged, and existing cells are helped to heal effectively. Plump, glowing skin, with no trace of makeup left? Yes, please! Massage gently into dry skin, taking some time for yourself to breathe in the gorgeous scent and indulge in a bit of me-time - if only for a minute! - then add water, which will turn the oil into a creamy milk and rinse away all trace of your day.

Natural Face wash

The second cleanser can move from oil-based to water-based, depending on your skin type. If you have dry skin and are looking for a more hydrating, nourishing cleanse, you’ll be best off reaching for something that contains at least one non-comedogenic oil. It can be the exact same cleanser as you used for the first cleanse, if that’s what works for your skin! However, if your skin is more on the oily-combination end of the scale, you might prefer to switch to a cleanser that won’t add so much oil, but works with other nourishing ingredients. OurDaily Detox Facial Washis water based, and gently cleanses skin without stripping it, which can lead to overproduction of oil in an attempt to rehydrate the skin. The goji berries moisturise, soothe, and detoxify skin thanks to their antioxidant properties, while the moringa peptides are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and rebalance natural oil production  - hello clear, bright skin!

Double cleansing is most effective at night, as the thorough routine means that pollutants accumulated during the day are washed off, and skin has a chance to recover overnight, often coated in a layer of very effective ingredients! That doesn’t mean you can skip the morning cleanse though: it’s still a good idea to wash off nighttime skincare residue, as well as prep your face for any daytime products to work their magic. Those moringa peptides previously mentioned in theDaily Detox Facial Wash come in handy here, too: they prevent pollutants such as car fumes and cigarette smoke from sticking to the surface of your skin, leaving you with less to wash off at the end of the day!

Micellic Cleanser

If you really can’t face a full double cleanse, or baulk at the idea of washing your face twice daily, there is an easy option: a quick swipe of ourLiquid Crystal Micellar Cleanser will rid skin of the worst of any surface dirt or residue, so works well pre-cleanse or post-sleep. Perfect for all skin types, this understated water contains pomegranate extract, which is high in ellagic acid and helps to maintain cell turnover, meaning glowing skin for you. It also strengthens the skin’s membrane, which works with the hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated, toned, and plumped. If you ask us, this is best used in conjunction with another cleanser, so that your skin gets a deep cleanse every once in a while at least, but it is a great lazy-day fix, and perfect for swiping across skin on busy mornings!