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February 09, 2021 8 min read

When we think about skincare, the focus is often on our face, but what does this mean for the skin on our bodies? 

Often, the skin on our bodies can be neglected due to it being hidden under clothing, but as the largest organ of our bodies, it’s important that we give it a little extra love and attention. 

Body oil is a simple and effective way to do just that. A good body oil can help to revive dry skin and give it the extra care it deserves, all whilst feeling like a luxurious treat! 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about body oils and why you should make them a go-to in your everyday skincare routine. 


Body oils are universal and almost anyone can use them. Drier skin types who are prone to eczema or rosacea can seek comfort from an organic and vegan body oil where their skin may naturally produce less oil than others. This will help lock in moisture and replace the natural oils the skin may be struggling to produce. 

Pregnant women can also use body oils to alleviate painful areas and soothe aches as well as improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. However, not all body oils are pregnancy-friendly so it is important to consult your GP first before using one.

For other skin types, the addition of nourishing body oils is just another great way to give attention to areas of the body that are often neglected. They are also a simple and effective way to upgrade your selfcare routines and pamper yourself!


There are many benefits to incorporating a body oil into your everyday bodycare routine. Here are just a few:


  • Hydrate and moisturise dry and dehydrated skin
  • Wind down after a stressful day at work
  • Improve the texture of the skin
  • Help the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Improve sleep at night


        The addition of body oil is a great, affordable way to bring a much-needed spa-experience to your home. Simply massaging into the skin will bring instant relaxation and relieve the body of tension and the stresses of the day. 

        Expectant mothers-to-be can see through their pregnancy by using a massage oil as an effective method to soothe aches and pains as well as improve sleep. 

        If you have skin that is prone to scarring or stretch marks then body oils can be a simple way to help improve their appearance. 


        Some studies estimate that around 80% of people have stretch marks at some point in their lives, so they’re a completely normal part of life! This is just another amazing way your body tells stories about the journey it has carried you on throughout your life. 

        Massaging body oils, such as rosehip seed oil, onto the affected areas will increase blood circulation, helping to repair the skin’s natural barrier and increase retention of moisture. Doing this over time will help with the appearance of scarring and stretch marks as well as help prevent them in the future.


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        Benefits of body oil for scars and stretch marks



        Navigating the different types of body oils on the market can be tricky. 

        Which ones are best for dry skin and which ones would suit me best? Do I need a nourishing body oil or a revitalising body oil? As with most skincare, the options are almost limitless. 

        Thankfully, we are here to help. 

        Here’s a breakdown of a few natural and organic oils that will most benefit you. Like introducing any new product to the skin, make sure to patch test to ensure you don’t experience any adverse effects.

        1. Rosehip Seed Oil: This is a great option for those who want to improve the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. Mature skin types can also benefit from rosehip seed oil where it can help prevent signs of ageing. Its hydrating properties means it has the ability to repair broken skin barriers and soothe irritated skin.
        2. Jojoba Oil: This incredibly hydrating body oil is moisturising as well as healing. Those who are prone to dehydrated skin or suffer from skin conditions such as eczema will enjoy its soothing benefits and can be used all over the body including the face and hair!
        3. Olive Oil: Rich in antioxidants, olive oil has been shown to be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and high in fatty acids that repair the skin’s barrier. This natural body oil protects the skin against free radicals and environmental stresses of the day whilst providing moisture. You can even massage this onto the face to break down makeup and oils in your nighttime skincare routine. 
        4. Coconut Oil: For those looking to nourish and soften the skin, coconut oil is the one for you. Packed full of fatty acids, coconut oil helps prevent moisture loss at the surface of the skin leaving you hydrated for longer. Whilst this oil is great for the hair and body, it is comedogenic and may clog pores for those with acne and exacerbate existing blemishes on the face. 
        5. Argan Oil: Much like coconut oil, argan oil is rich in antioxidants and has high healing properties. Being anti-inflammatory, people with psoriasis or rosacea may enjoy massaging this oil on affected areas as a way to comfort the skin. Using this on the hair too will aid in hydration and retain moisture until your next wash.


        Organic and Vegan Super Berry Body Oil for Dry Skin


        You can even find body oils that have a combination of different oils that provide maximum hydration. Our Organic Super Berry Body Oil contains a mix of Chilean Rosehip Oil, upcycled Raspberry Oil and Pomegranate Oil that enriches the skin with antioxidants and fatty acids helping with a variety of skin concerns like stretch marks, dryness and cell turnover. 


        If you’re just getting started on your body oil journey, this section will teach you everything you need to know about how a body oil fits into your existing bodycare routine, when you can use it and where. 


        Step 1:  Cleanse your whole body. Opting for a gentle and organic body cleanser, such as our African Orange Body Wash, will provide a thorough cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Simply apply all over your body and massage into the skin before rinsing away with warm water, and enjoy your gorgeously soft and supple skin. 

        Step 2:  Massage your favourite body oil all over the skin. Now that your body is clean, you’re ready to reintroduce moisture back into the skin. Take a few pumps of your favourite body oil for dry skin and slowly massage into the body using circular motions. The warmth of your fingertips will melt the oil as you massage into the skin allowing for better penetration. Give extra attention to any drier areas including the elbows and knees!

        Boost the effects of a nourishing body oil by exfoliating the body once a week. Our Tropical Blossom Body Polish uses organic sugars to lightly buff the skin leaving perfectly smooth skin that is soft to the touch. 


        Benefits of a hydrating body oil for the skin


        Top Tip:  Don’t shower with water that is too hot. One big mistake that we often make when showering is using water that is too hot to wash our bodies. Whilst it may feel good, it strips the body of its moisture leading to parched and irritated skin, particularly for those who experience pre-existing skin conditions. While there’s no magic number to keep your shower temperature at, some doctors suggest staying under 41-44 degrees Celsius is the optimum temperature for our bodies. Try turning down the temperature, even just a few days a week, and see what difference it makes!



        The short answer is yes!

        Some dislike the heaviness of a moisturising lotion and much prefer a lightweight body oil due to its consistency and fast-absorbing properties. 

        Swapping them out interchangeably will deliver the necessary hydration your body needs.

        For those who would like to double down on the moisture can use both. Use the body oil as a protective layer to lock in any previous moisturiser and it’ll be sure to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. 


        During the warmer, summer seasons, natural body oil is a great alternative to a heavy moisturising body lotion whilst still providing intense hydration. It is lightweight and fast-absorbing delivering a youthful complexion. 

        Some summer body oils are formulated with shimmer and are a great way to bronze up the skin and give you that luminous glow.


        Can I use body oil on my hair?



        The skin on our body and the skin on our face have different compositions. Our facial skin is thinner and more prone to sensitivity compared to the rest of our body. This means that whilst some oils work wonders for the body, its formulation can be too heavy for the face causing clogged pores and blemishes. Try switching to our Miracle Facial Oil to achieve the glow without the irritation. 

        For our hair, body oil is an excellent multi-purpose product and can add extra hydration! You could apply a few drops into your conditioner and apply it as an intense hair mask before washing away. You could even apply on wet hair to seal in moisture or brush down fly-aways for a sleek look.

        Continual use can allow the hair to be healthier and stimulate hair growth! As always, we advise you to patch test to ensure your scalp and hair doesn’t experience any adverse effects as everyone’s hair is different.



        We mentioned earlier that using a body oil can help you get better sleep but how exactly does this work? 

        Choosing the right type of body oil will release scents that are comforting, onset relaxation and can help reduce anxiety which in turn will help you to unwind and sleep better. 

        Body oils infused with ingredients such as lavender and jasmine have soothing and calming properties to help you fall asleep faster and get quality sleep. 

        Massaging the skin with a relaxing body oil will also help to release tightness of muscles from a stressful working day and relieve the body of aches and pains.


        Massage hydrating body oil for spa day at home



         When it comes to which one is best, it all comes down to personal preference. Body lotions and moisturisers tend to be thicker in consistency whilst body oils are lighter. 

        Dry and mature skin types may like to revive dehydrated skin by using both. Applying the body moisturiser first and then the body oil, or even mixing both together, will allow the skin to receive the benefits of both. 

        You may also like to switch up the type of body moisturiser you use depending on the time of the year. Opting for a lightweight body oil in the summer and heaving body lotion in the winter will allow your skin to hydrate according to its needs.


        Whether you opt for a body lotion or a body oil, it’s important to give your body the well deserved hydration that it craves. Particularly during the colder months, we may find our bodies to have more dry spots than usual!Body oils are an easy addition to boost hydration and give your body that extra selfcare. Have a go at adding a body oil to your bodycare routine and see what a world of difference it makes.


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