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February 04, 2020 6 min read

If you have skin that is often irritated or is prone to redness/rashes then it is likely that you have sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin can often be hard to deal with as you have to be hyper aware of what products and conditions you are submitting your skin to because it can react and cause you pain or irritation.  

If you want to understand your sensitive skin better, look into what may cause it and discover some brilliant vegan and organic products to help then keep reading!

Understanding Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin tends to be known as skin that is reactive to aggressors. These aggressors can be external factors such as weather or internal factors such as harsh skincare products.  Often these factors can make skin red, sore, itchy and painful. Or in some cases just uncomfortable in general.  

If your skin is severely sensitive and is often painful and irritated then it is a good idea to go and see your doctor to see if there is anything that they can do to help - you may need medication to calm your skin.  However, in most cases you will be able to soothe your skin at home by adapting your skin care routine and learning what products are gentle enough to work on your skin.  

How to know if you have sensitive skin

You might not be completely sure that you have sensitive skin and may be wondering how to tell.  There are some common symptoms that can be tell tale signs that you have sensitive skin.  

Your skin may become irritated after using new products, this can make your skin blotchy and red .  Or perhaps your face can sting when it is being washed or being exposed to weather conditions such as cold winds.  

If your skin has a habit of becoming rashy, uncomfortable and sore when it is introduced to adverse conditions then it is likely that you have sensitive skin.  

What causes sensitive skin?

There are a few things that can cause sensitive skin.  Below are perhaps the most common causes…

  • Dry skin - Extremely dry skin can often give way to skin sensitivities.  When your skin loses too much water and oil then it can become dry and begin to crack and scale due to the dryness.  This can make skin incredibly sensitive to certain harsh ingredients and conditions. 
  • Rosacea - Rosacea is a common skin condition that can often be categorised early on by flushing or blushing in the face.  This condition can often make skin sensitive, with some conditions causing skin to sting and burn.
  • Stress - Stress can affect your skin in many ways.  One way being that it can affect the hormone levels in your skin which can aggravate sensitivities.  It can also affect your skin routine - if you’re feeling stressed then you may skip your skincare routine or some steps that could affect how your skin acts, looks and feels.  
  • Allergies - If you believe that your skin is highly sensitive you could actually be unknowingly allergic to a common ingredient that is used in your skincare routine.  What you are interpreting as a sensitivity could be an allergy. So if you have tried everything and perhaps your skin calms down when you are not using any products on it - it may be a good idea to get tested for common allergies to understand your skin better, and also acknowledge what ingredients it doesn’t like.

Step by step routine 

If you have sensitive skin then it is important to use products that are as gentle as possible.  Here at Evolve our products are organic and natural, meaning that they are more gentle on your skin.  This is an easy skincare routine to follow to try and get your skin under control, looking and feeling better. 

Step One: The first step is to cleanse and tone your face.  This will ensure that your face is clean of any products or ingredients that may be irritating it.  

Our Cleanse & Tone Duo is a great option for this as it includes our award winning Gentle Cleansing Melt and our Daily Defence Moisture Mist.  Our Gentle Cleansing Melt is a cleansing balm that contains nourishing Baobab oil to soothe and hydrate your skin whilst cleaning and calming, it is also a great way to gently remove makeup without rubbing your skin!  Simply massage into dry skin and rinse away gently with warm water.

After you have cleansed you can go in with our Daily Defence Moisture Mist.  This contains Prickly Pear to calm irritated skin, Moringa Peptides to protect skin from pollution and Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturise and hydrate your skin.  This mist is perfect to spray over sensitive skin after cleansing, or to pop in your handbag to take on the go to soothe irritation on the move.  

natural cleanse and tone duo

Step Two:Facial Oil is great to use once your skin is clean to add more moisture and soothing ingredients back into your now open pores.  Our Miracle Facial Oil contains natural Retinol from organic Rosehip Oil. It also contains Organic Blackseed Oil which is used to nourish your skin but also reduces any signs of irritation.  It also contains Argan Oil which helps to repair damaged skin and also help prevent further damage.

Simply apply the Miracle Facial Oil to your face and neck after you have cleansed and toned your skin.

natural miracle facial oil

Step Three:After using facial oil it’s a good idea to use a serum.  Our multi award winning Superfood 360 Natural Face Serum is a lightweight serum that can be used on any skin type.  With natural ingredients such as Peruvian Maca and Cacay Oil to help improve skin tone and luminosity, as well as locking moisture into the skin. 

You can apply this serum onto your clean face and neck both morning and evening.

natural superfood 360 serum  

Step Four:Perhaps the most common step in any skincare routine - moisturise.  It’s important to feed your skin moisture and moisturisers are perhaps the most effective way - and also supply a great base if you wear makeup.  For sensitive skin we recommend our Daily Renew Facial Cream, a natural face cream that contains organic Argan Oil to nourish and natural Hyaluronic Acid to soothe and hydrate your skin.  

Apply this gently to a cleaned face and neck, it is great in the morning to refresh your skin but can also work as a night cream of an evening.  

natural face cream daily renew

Step Five:If you have sensitive skin then it is important to follow this last step to protect it throughout the day.  Sensitive skin can be aggravated by weather, whether it's dehydrating heat or cold winds. Our Climate Veil Tinted SPF is great as a final skincare step as it contains SPF 20 to protect against UV radiation, but also gives skin light coverage with a luminous dewy finish.  

natural tinted spf

What else can you do?

If you have sensitive skin on your face then it is likely you’ll have sensitive skin elsewhere too.  Changing your shower products may help with soothing your body too!  

Quite often people stick to the same old shampoo and conditioner, and continue getting sore skin on their body although they may be using a safe shower product.  This could be because the ingredients in your hair care are too harsh, and tend to run down your body in the shower.  

By switching to a product such as our Daily Apply Hair and Body Wash you will be using a natural and organic product on both your hair and body.  The natural Coconut and Sugar Extracts in the wash gently cleanse and maintain your skin’s natural PH balance, whilst the Organic Aloe Vera will soothe and calm your skin whilst also containing polysaccharides which form a film that protects hair when styling.

natural hair and body wash

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