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June 15, 2017 1 min read

At Evolve we LOVE a multi-tasking skincare super-hero. Those products that you share with your friends because you know that they’re so much more than just one thing.

Think coconut oil, cocoa butter…..and now Gentle Cleansing Melt!  We’d known for a while about how much you guys love it for being far more than a (really great!) cleanser, so like the beauty best friends we try to be, we thought we’d share the love for the good of all!

  1. Super nourishing hair treat:

Simply pull some through the ends of your hair, wrap in a hot towel and leave for up to five minutes. Rinse, et voila – even the driest of ends will have a major moisture infusion.

  1. Soothing shave gel:

The rich, balm texture works beautifully to help with shaving – no nicks, no irritations and no stubbly bits! Hurrah!

  1. Moisturising mask

Apply your favourite serum, slather on some Cleansing Melt and sit back in bliss for ten minutes, then wash away to reveal super-hydrated, plump skin.

  1. Deep cleanser

For an extra deep cleanse, it works magnificently for a massaging treat.  Simply start at the forehead and use wide strokes up and out over the face to really get into those dermal layers. 

  1. Stressed skin balm

Skin stressed or inflamed by something like sun damage.  The deeply soothing rose extracts in our balm relieves it instantly. Try applying it to the area, leaving for a few minutes then removing gently with a hot cloth


Which way will you use it? Buy your jar here